Partly thanks to the Portal, Eindhoven has won the Erfgoedprijs 2022!

The Portal has been moved

You can visit the portal at the Erfgoedhuis on the NRE terrain.

Door de beslissing van de gemeente kun je de Portal helaas niet meer beleven. 

(never) looking back

In some cities, history is very well known and legible. It can be found in the buildings in the city, in museums and historical societies. Eindhoven is different, it has the habit of not looking back. This is unjustified. Eindhoven has a rich, almost unknown history that is worth being told. That is why several associations and institutions present Portal Eindhoven. With the help of designers, Eindhoven's past (and perhaps future) comes to life on the very spot where Eindhoven began: the market.  

The heritage associations were pleasantly surprised when Cultuur Eindhoven took the initiative to bring together heritage interested parties and Eindhoven designers. Heritage advocates, often painted grey, and hip designers, only focused on our digital future, talk to each other too little.
This changed in 2020. Four design agencies and four heritage institutions started talking to each other. We all learned a lot from it.
The intention? To build a presentation opportunity that was contemporary and surprising and that would deal with Eindhoven's rich past. It became an instructive and fun time for all participants: the Henri van Abbe Foundation, the Eindhoven Museum, the Archaeological Society and the monument department of the Municipality.
Although we are mainly into pots and bones, books and photographs, we were surprised with virtual and augmented reality, LED-lit objects and interactive maps. All to the glory of the medieval city of Eindhoven. What you see and experience is the work of MaMa Productions, Luis Ferreira, KaiserVR and Studio Speciaal. The heritage associations are happy and proud with the new portal, which makes our history visible, in the heart of the city.
We owe a lot of thanks. To Culture Eindhoven as the initiator and to the Municipality which, with its focus on 'design and technology', understands very well that the city we are experiencing now also comes from somewhere. From a past that is over 2000 years old!

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