Who made the Portal!

Luis Ferreira

Luis Ferreira


Luis researches creative applications for technology, with a focus on interaction between man, machine and the environment, and how this can influence our senses and enhance experiences. Luis created the map with interactive lighting.
These people worked on Portal Eindhoven:
Luis Ferreira

Studio Speciaal

Design Studio

Studio Speciaal is an interdisciplinary design studio in Eindhoven. As a studio we balance between the design, technology and art disciplines.
Studio Speciaal has designed and realised the Portal itself.
These people worked on Portal Eindhoven:
Sjoerd Geerts
Bram Verbeek


VR / AR specialist

KaiserVR focuses on creating interactive 3D visualisations for urban planning and architecture by means of Virtual Reailty, Augmented Reality and 3D animations. Within the heritage project, KaiserVR is responsible for creating and processing the 3D content in the AR application.
These people worked on Portal Eindhoven:
Stijn Kaiser
Daan Tuerlings
Yannick Wiersma
Ian Gallas

MaMa Producties

AR / VR / XR/ Concepts

MaMaProducties BV is a design agency with a special knowledge of VR and AR. In our projects technology and creativity come together in concept, in innovation and in content. For the Portal of Eindhoven, we developed the AR-app in close cooperation with Kaiser VR.
These people worked on Portal Eindhoven:
Frederike Manders
Gudule Martens
Jeffrey van den Elshout
Patrick Kocken
Bodhi van Baardewijk
Vincent Boyce
Jim van der Heijden

Which heritage parties are involved?

Henri van Abbe Foundation


Much heritage is still under threat and it is not clear how Eindhoven citizens can stand up for an heirloom with which they are connected or for the preservation of character and sociability in our city. The volunteers of the Henri van Abbe Foundation help everyone who cares about heritage in Eindhoven and the surrounding area and who is fighting for a pleasant city to live in.

Archeologische Vereniging Kempen en Peelland

The Archaeological Society Kempen- en Peelland was founded in 1997 and now has about 180 members. As a member of the AVKP you can be actively involved in archaeology. We participate in archaeological research, in heritage education and public outreach, we make a case for conservation and protection of archaeological heritage and we support municipalities in this.

Eindhoven Museum

Eindhoven Museum came into being in 2012 as a result of a collaboration between the then Historical Open-air Museum Eindhoven (now preHistoric Village) and Museum Kempenland Eindhoven. The collection of Eindhoven Museum consists of 23,000 objects, specialized in folklore, painting and sculpture and religious heritage from North Brabant.

Gemeente Eindhoven

Eindhoven wants to make its heritage recognisable and visible. Heritage provides the basis for own identity and thus for greater appreciation of one's own living environment. The Erfgoedhuis (Heritage House) tells the stories of the city. We show the history and development of Eindhoven. By knowing the past, we can better understand the present and make good choices for the future. This is how we protect and preserve the city's history. The ultimate goal is to pass on our cultural heritage to the generations that follow us.

The Portal is an initiative of:


Stichting Cultuur Eindhoven was founded in June 2015 and is responsible for implementing the cultural policy of the Municipality of Eindhoven. The municipal council determines the main outlines of the cultural policy.
Culture Eindhoven invests in art, culture and creativity 'from us', from and for all the people of Eindhoven.

The following persons / companies have helped:

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